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"Inspire people by helping them to open hidden doors to find their inner strength and beauty, needed for facing their challenges."



Our vision is to inspire people by helping them to open hidden doors to discover their inner strength and beauty, needed to face their challenges and to increase their well-being.

We reach our vision by providing training and coaching during which people learn by doing, reflecting and experimenting. In order to do so we create a safe and relaxed environment with room for laughter and honest feedback. We use scientific knowledge from the fields of psychology, communication and leadership as a basis for our work. We can only teach you something if we are in true contact with you and you feel safe to be open and share your feelings. Therefore the person, rather then a technique, is central in our training and coaching. We challenge you to reflect on your own behaviour and provide the needed mirrors. At the same time our trainings are practical and applicable, adapted to your specific needs. This means that listening to you is key both in the preparation phase and during the training. We aim to establish a positive change in our participants in which they grow and get stronger in dealing with the outside challenges.

Daring to Live an Inspired Life - A Motivational Talk about Change

Extract: Daring to live an inspired life
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“Extremely useful, should be available for all people working in academia!”
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