Personal Coaching

A scientific career contains many challenges. It can be tough to stay on track and have a good work/life balance. People ask us to help them to regain their passion for science or question whether they would be happy at all by pursuing a scientific career. Or if they do, how to reach the top.

We can help you with these kind of issues, or any other questions related to your personal development. In a comfortable and safe setting you can come to the core, remove your restraints and reach the goal you have set. We believe that each human being is unique and therefore deserves unique attention. We ask penetrating questions so you can adapt your behaviour to be your true self and regain a feeling of happiness and fulfilment. We base our coaching on a variety of psychological models. Our core values in coaching are trust, connection, joy, autonomy, integrity, identity, and personal growth.

A coaching programme usually takes between 5 to 10 sessions over a timespan of 6 months.

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Personal leadership

In order to be an inspiring leader it is crucial to know yourself. Growing in leadership encompasses therefore deep reflection, besides learning practical skills. We can provide training to learn practical skills and to work on your personal development.

Examples of workshops on personal development and leadership are 'Motivating and supervising PhD students', 'How to lead a team', 'Boosting self confidence', 'Dealing with stress', 'Personal leadership', 'A happy work/life balance' and 'Influencing others'.

Examples of workshops on practical leadership skills are 'Personal effectiveness', 'Giving inspiring presentations', 'Successful Grant writing', 'Honest networking', 'Effective collaborations' and 'Giving and receiving feedback'.

We also developed a full training programme for PhD Students and one for postdocs, where they get specifically what they need over the time of their project. If you would like to have a detailed description of these programmes please contact us.

For a full course on academic leadership please visit the website of the Centre for Academic Leadership.

A workshop usually covers a maximum of 1 day. Training programmes can be multiple days over a time span or several days aligned.

If you are interested in a workshop or training by us and want to discuss the possibilities, please contact us.

Team leadership

Leading a scientific team can be challenging. Aligning expectations and keeping everyone motivated while feeling the pressure to create great results can be a tough job. At the same time all kinds of dynamics, small and larger conflicts, can take place within the team, which may be hard to grasp, but seriously influence the scientific output.

We are specialized in helping scientific teams to optimize collaboration, team spirit and communication between the team members. By reflecting on the specific roles of each member, the relationships between the members and all the background everyone brings, we create clarity in the current dynamics. Working with just the team leader and secondly with the team as a whole, we improve the leadership, and help to get the best out of the team. The end goal is to have the full team work in a coherent and stimulating ambiance, where every member can blossom to their full potential.

If you are interested to work with your team and want to discuss the possibilities, please contact us.

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We offer workshops (in Dutch) specifically dedicated to women's issues. For more information please click here.

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”

Thomas Berger