Louise has PhD in nutrition and has worked many years in scientific research, reaching the level of associate professor. After a time of solid reflection she decided she wanted to spend her time helping scientists to become better leaders. Therefore she started Mennen Training, Coaching & Consultancy in 2007 to contribute to science in a different way. During training and coaching she understands you well and can at the same time confront you with spot-on questions to help you reach your goal. She loves to connect to people since they all have great stories to tell. She enjoys it when she sees people grow and challenge themselves to take the next step.

Louise is a registered trainer and coach. She completed the 3-year Post-HBO training Professional Communication (NLP practitioner and TA 101- training), a specialisation in Constellations and Professional Guidance of Organisations at Phoenix, the institute for training and coaching in The Netherlands. She is also qualified in body psychology.


Ellis Vyth obtained a PhD in Nutrition and Health Sciences. Her passion is to inspire scientists to become excellent communicators. She loves to help people to discover their own qualities. Ellis is an experienced trainer who knows all the ins and outs of the scientific community. She is an expert in creating multidisciplinary collaborations between research, policy and practice. In a training, Ellis brings passion, enthusiasm and a listening ear. Networking, listening to people and building relationships give her energy.





Roel did his PhD in biomedical engineering. He is interested in how the interaction between individual behavioral patterns and organizational culture influences both individual and team performance. He is highly qualified in analysing and supporting ones personal development process. Roel is not afraid to ask difficult questions and is extremely skilled in analysing 'what is hidden below the waterline'. He works in a very trustworthy, effective and friendly manner.





Rick studied neurology and worked for many years as a high school biology teacher in Amsterdam. At the same time he developed a passion of training and coaching. He is now a highly experienced trainer and works with Louise during both the European Nutrition Leadership Programme in Luxemburg and the Programme de Leadership African en Nutrition in Morocco. Working with Rick brings humor and creativity in a safe learning environment. He is sees things sharply and is an expert in non-verbal behaviour.

Susanne Maris nieuw.jpeg

Susanne Maris

Susanne is an experienced trainer and coach, specialized in talent development of high potentials. She has been training and coaching academic researchers for more than a decade. Her focus lies on communication in science and diversity. Being certified by the Career Management Institute, Susanne works in the top league of coaches in the Netherlands. Susanne gets energized by giving people confidence to take action after learning something new. She makes sure people always go home with a concrete and doable action plan, to implement what they have learned in their professional lives.


Peer has more than 35 years experience as a role-play actor. He guarantees a relaxed and safe ambiance and provides you realistic scenarios to practice. If you wonder why some conversations fail to be 
effective, and you question yourself what went wrong or why the other doesn't understand you, Peer is your man to change your communication 
behaviour. He makes sure you can sharpen your communications skills and 
helps you to investigate in an easy manner how to make these 
conversations effective. 





Bregje enjoys working with a diversity of people from different branches. She works as a role-play actor, trainer and coach 13 years. She has previously studied and worked in the field of developmental psychology. She combines her knowledge of the psyche and her skills as a role-play actor to help people grow. She expertly provides insights in communication skills and the effect of ones communication behaviour. She passionately believes in the power of learning by doing and experiencing in a relaxed setting where humour is allowed. In her work Bregje enhances the success factors, opportunities for change and the knowledge in each participant.

Norma van




Norma is responsible for the secretarial activities at Mennen Training & Consultancy. She organises the collecting of information before a training and makes sure all the practicalities are in perfect order. She works with a dedication to high standards and has a professional care for her work. She is energetic and has a warm and enthousiastic personality.


Elsa obtained a PhD and worked as a senior scientist in the field of cell biology when she decided to move from academia to industry. At Danone, while in a managerial role, she was also involved in leadership development training and coaching skills training. She gathered years of experience and study in this field. She is a very bright and enthusiastic facilitator, having a great capacity to listen and challenge you. She gets energized by enabling people and organizations to find what deeply matters to them and then help them to define and reach meaningful goals.


Born in California, Valerie is a well trained and experienced role-play actor with a degree in psychology. She knows the theories and models behind most trainings. She creates a safe environment and adapts her work to each individual participant to create the optimal learning experience. Her feedback is sharp and to the point, so that the participants see the effect of their behaviour. At the same time there is room for laughter and lightness and concrete tips to put into practice. Valerie brings energy and enthusiasm to any role-play setting. She perfectly understands the need of the participants, and creates a safe environment for them to practice.

marijke van dusseldorp

Marijke obtained a PhD in Human Nutrition and worked for several years as an assistant professor. Thereafter, she worked for TNO were she was a senior project leader, account manager, team manager and coach. During that time her emphasis changed from research to human behaviour and personal interaction. Marijke is an alert, open and energetic trainer and role-play actor. She builds on her extensive professional experience and intuition, and makes the people she works with quickly feel at ease. She has a talent for questioning people to help them to get to the core to learn and grow. She enjoys seeing people making that one little important step in their personal development.